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Breastfeeding Basics, Challenges & Pumping

A comprehensive class that covers the basics of breastfeeding and beyond. In this class you will learn:
  • About the anatomy of breastfeeding

  • How to get started on the right foot and identify a good latch

  • How often to feed and how to know if your baby is getting enough

  • Different positions for feeding and how to set yourself up for a successful breastfeeding journey

  • How to integrate bottles into your breastfeeding routine if desired or needed

  • About the challenges breastfeeding can bring and what to do if you encounter them

  • When to see a professional for guidance

  • How to pump and maintain your milk supply when you are away from baby

  • How to prepare for returning to work and how to pump at work.

  • How and when to introduce solid foods

  • How and when to wean


There is plenty of time for questions and answers with the class!

Class Details
  • This class is for mothers only (no partners please)

  • Class size is typically 12 women

  • This is a two-hour class

  • The cost for this class is $85/per person

  • When registering, please select Quantity ‘1’ 

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