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Making a list and checking it twice - Baby Essentials

There are so many “buy this necessity for your baby” options out there it can be do overwhelming. As a seasoned mom, I wanted to share some of my personal favorites, and why.

I would consider many of these items essential, and absolute necessities have if you have more than one under two.

Binxy Baby Cart Hammock This product is really revolutionary for when you have 2 kids and need to use the actual "seat" part of the cart for your older child but need somewhere to put the baby that won't compromise your ability to fit all your items in the cart.

City Select Stroller with Optional add second seat! I love this stroller because it accommodates the infant car seat and larger seat in either spot, and both the car seat and the larger seat can face either way. Many configurations, folds nicely, easy to use and easy to push!

4moms Mamaroo This feels like a combination of a swing and bouncy chair! It's compact and easy to move from room to room if needed!

I really like the Boppy Pillow or the Breast Friend for those newborn bottle and breastfeeding days, but I really love that the Boppy Pillow doubles as a support for that dreaded tummy time, and my toddler now loves to use it while watching a movie.

Sleep sacks of varying sizes

-I started with these carters ones and they fit well from day one.

-As my children have grown, we this winter weight sleep sack for the cold nights and these Muslin Sleep sacks for the summer.

Nesting Days wrap- I wanted to love the moby so bad. But that dang thing brought me to tears and the last thing I needed was more frustration and time consuming tasks. Plus I feel like this offered some abdominal support which I really needed!

Kinderpack Carrier (infant shown here)

I HIGHLY recommend you try a carrier out from a friend, a local mom's group (both of mine are on lend to moms from my local fb group!) where you can try it on first and see how it fits and feels on you. NOT all baby carriers fit ALL bodies the same! Kinderpacks are not currently available on Amazon but you can order them here.

I also highly recommend the:

- LennyLamb carrier

Rectal Thermometer The design of this thermometer has a built in safety feature in that it does not allow you to insert it too far into the rectum. I recommend having this particular design on hand as they are the most accurate!

Cuticle clippers for your baby’s nails- Honestly, it’s genius. I stumbled on it one day when I couldn’t find the clippers and my son’s nails desperately needed to be clipped. Much easier to angle in order prevent cutting skin!!

XL Disposable changing pads for the diaper bag. I know this is a bit of a "graphic" image, but this is the reality of life with a baby! I keep several of these in the diaper bag for public changing tables and several in both cars for things like this!

I was having such a hard time with my diaper bag (or any diaper bag out there for that matter) because no matter how "nicely" I set everything in there, it always got to be a huge mess as I was rifling through there trying to find what I needed. This little insert fits in every "traditional" (for lack of a better word) diaper bag I've tried and it keeps me sane, and organized and I'm able to grab what I need, the moment I need it! It may be hard to tell from the photo, but each of these things are separated and in their own little pocket. It is awesome!

We loved Graco Travel Lite crib for our bedroom for the first 6 months. We also easily packed it up and took it with us on several occasions!

Playpen with attached changer We kept a playpen in our living room, which was especially convenient for those early days when the baby would cat nap anywhere and now it's just mainly as a changing station.

Pop N Play Playard- So incredibly convenient. I can set this up by myself in under 5 minutes and it collapses nicely and fits into an over the shoulder carrying bag. I take this to friends houses, holiday events, camping, any outdoor activity and even the park`

Skip Hop Winter Car seat cover is one of my favorite finds! Extremely versatile and you can completely unzip it so your little one does not overheat in the car. I like that you can keep the baby’s face exposed while still covering their body!

The Fisher Price Sit me up floor seat was so fun for our youngest, as it allowed him to get on the floor and right in the middle of the action with his siblings, even before he was able to sit unassisted.

Exersaucer- I have a jumperoo AND an exersaucer and if I had to recommend only one, it would be the exersaucer. They both have very similar functions and keep your baby busy, but the Exersaucer is much more compact and portable. Heck, I even fold mine flat and carry it one handed down to the park while the older kids and toddler run around!

Full Coverage Bibs Now, this is kind of a funny photo of Kaleo because we went to the Fire Station to have dinner with dad and I forgot his highchair, so I had to make a makeshift one out of his Kinderpack carrier. As such, I couldn't get the bib to actually fit around his neck- but I assure you it does when in a NORMAL highchair. I just couldn't resist sharing this real life photo

Outlet Covers for when outlet is in use! There are plenty of outlet covers out there for when the outlet is not I use, but if you’ve got a kiddo who loves cords, and especially in a bedroom, this is a must!

This product truly is wonderful because it's clear so it doesn't stand out, it comes with a few different color options for the backplate, and it allows you to still have use of both outlets while protecting curious little humans. This is in one of our baby’s rooms, right behind his crib. No matter what wall me moved his crib to, he would have had access to an outlet, and we didn't want to deal with an extension cord half way around the room. This has been an amazing solution!

Medela Quick clean bags are the best! They can be used for bottle parts, breastfeeding parts and we even use them for nebulizer parts!

Ditch the mirror and get a car camera! We love ours and they are so much clearer and more functional than the mirrors for rear facing babies! You can also use these for forward facing kiddos which is especially handy if you have a 3rd row vehicle!

If you’re breastfeeding:

Kiinde breastmilk storage bags (they do NOT leak, are easy to pour, stand up once frozen and can double as a food pouch

for older babies!)

-Julie P. (Mother of 6)

As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases


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