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Making a list and checking it twice - Baby Essentials

There are so many “buy this necessity for your baby” options out there it can be do overwhelming. As a seasoned mom, I wanted to share some of my personal favorites, and why.

I would consider many of these items essential, and absolute necessities have if you have more than one under two.

Binxy Baby Cart Hammock This product is really revolutionary for when you have 2 kids and need to use the actual "seat" part of the cart for your older child but need somewhere to put the baby that won't compromise your ability to fit all your items in the cart.

City Select Stroller with Optional add second seat! I love this stroller because it accommodates the infant car seat and larger seat in either spot, and both the car seat and the larger seat can face either way. Many configurations, folds nicely, easy to use and easy to push!

4moms Mamaroo This feels like a combination of a swing and bouncy chair! It's compact and easy to move from room to room if needed!

Boppy Pillow I really like the boppy pillow for those newborn bottle and breastfeeding days, but I really love that it doubles as a support for that dreaded tummy time, and my toddler now loves to use it while watching a movie.

Sleep sacks of varying sizes

-I started with these carters ones and they fit well from day one.

-As my children have grown, we this winter weight sleep sack for the cold nights and these Muslin Sleep sacks for the summer.